A Salute to the Women of Main Street

I have to apologize for not writing sooner, but I have been writing like crazy, preparing Where Two Rivers Meet for publication.  My deadline has changed, thank you, Lord, and I should be ready to launch in August now. I especially wanted to send regards to all women in March Women’s History Month, but as I said, I had to make some choices, and that was to keep writing.

Of course, in addition to my first two protagonists, Jennie Phillips (Scruples & Drams) and Maude Porter (Pins & Needles), I would have saluted my new protagonist, Abigail Robinson Camp Porter, who became the first woman in our little village.  She had the spunk, the style, and the nerve to take on duties as the housekeeper for the village hotel in a wild-west burgeoning town of all men in 1855. She eventually married fur trader, farmer, and future Minnesota legislator–Thomas C. Porter, who also was an earlier settler.

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I can relate though to Abigail’s aloneness and vulnerability.  I began a new career at what was Northern States Power at the Monticello Nuclear Plant in Monticello, MN, while it was still under construction way back in November 1969.  I felt a bit overwhelmed when I found out at the time, the plant had like 3,000 men from NSP and other construction and electrical companies working on site and I was the only unmarried woman.  I met a few men and dated a few, but still went to Rapid t City to find the one.

So much news to tell you—I signed a contract with Heritage Books, Inc, out of Maryland, my current publisher of Pins & Needles,  Postcards from the Old Man, and Steppes to Neu Odessa.   They will now be carrying, publishing, and promoting my first novel Scruples & Drams as well. For those of you who did not realize it, North Star Press, my first novel publisher pretty much cut down on their business after the owner died.   Now all of my books except for Around Clearwater, which is published by Arcadia,  will be living at Heritage Book, my long-time associates.  This will make my life so much easier.  I will always have a number of books on hand for selling at various events.

What a surprise! Browsing through some of the books at Target, I found my book, Around Clearwater, along with others like it.  I know Barnes and Nobel carry it as well.  Don’t forget, I  have copies of my books and charge less.  It was a treat to see.


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I have not signed up for spring events.  But my summer/fall/winter are on the docket.  I will be sending the information on to you soon with dates and times. But I am excited to add at least one new event in July at the St. Cloud’s Munsinger-Clements Botanical Gardens. I am so excited to be accepted.


Happy spring,