“Where Two Rivers Meet”

Where Two Rivers Meet, a prequel in the Minnesota Main Street Women series.


Where Two Rivers Meet is the third in the Minnesota Main Street Women’s series. A prequel to Scruples & Drams and Pins & Needles, the narrative of Abigail Robinson Camp begins in Stowe, Vermont. From childhood to even after she marries George Camp, she joins her father on horseback or buggy around the countryside as he tends to his patients. Abigail learns from Doctor Joe and his medical books. She develops a following of women who believe in her knowledge, compassion, and therapy. When news reaches her that George faced a health crisis in San Francisco and eventually died in Marysville, California, Abigail goes into mourning, knowing she will be beholden to her family to take care of herself and his son. She accepts an offer from her brother-in-law, Doctor Jared Wheelock, the first doctor in Wright County, to help her become independent, even if it means leaving her beloved Stowe and her family. She travels to Minnesota Territory in 1855 to become the housekeeper, and the only woman in the area, for Clearwater’s new townsite hotel. Her changing landscape, from Mount Mansfield to the Clearwater River that flows into the Mississippi River, strengthens and frees her soul, beckoning her to see a new vision of who she is and who she will become as the First Woman of Clearwater.