An update

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Just an update….I hoped to have “Where Two Rivers Meet” launched in August. I am so close to the end and have been for two months. Unfortunately, a twist of fate took place beginning around Easter. My husband, sister, and I were hit with Covid for the first time. We all suffered one way or another, but I think Frank got off the easiest..he took a 3-day nap and woke up better. Both sister and I really came down with it. I ended up at the ENT with a staff infection in my sinuses. That was April. Feeling somewhat better, a few of us went to some antique and occasional sales in Central Minnesota. I fell face down in a chicken coop. Put a lot of stress on my already burdened arthritic body and ended with a nasty shiner. Sometime around Memorial Day, I started having TMJ issues. Went to doctors and even Urgent Care. Lots of medicine but nothing took the pain away for too long. Finally went to the dentist after three weeks. The endodontist found a nasty abscess. Oral surgeon loaded me with novocaine and pulled the very sick tooth. was pulled, only for me to feel well for two days before dry socket took over. Just ended the week of antibiotics for the took infection when I started having severe side pain. We raced to Urgent Care only to be sent to the hospital. I had a temp of 103 and bladder and kidney infections that had gone to sepsis. The worst pain was to come overnight in the hospital. Sat after CT scans, doctors found a kidney stone blocking everything between the kidney and bladder. The staff raced me to surgery to have a stent put in.
I am home and trying to heal, knowing after a month of antibiotics, I face another surgery to remove stent and stone. I am feeling less pain, but working to fight the exhaustion.
I have a number of events coming up, two new I am excited about:
Thurs, July 20, I’ll be selling and signing at Munsinger’s Arts in the Park.
Aug 2, I will be presenting, signing, and selling during Clearwater’s History week. I believe more information will be posted but I think it is at 6ish on the 2nd at the Lyons Center. (Clearwater, MN)
Buffalo Arts and Crafts takes place August 19, 2023 at 9 (Buffalo, MN)
Millstream Arts and Crafts will be Sunday, August 27, in St. Joe, MN. 11-5
I hope to see you there. I’ll have more news about “Where Two Rivers Meet.”