Holiday Cheer!

One week away!   I’ll be in the hallway waiting for you. I love this event, the makers who are part of this unique event, and our host, Danielle.
I can’t promise that “WHERE TWO RIVERS MEET” will be there with me, though. The book is finished but at the publishers. Proof it is on its way is below!!! Don’t worry. l’ll devise some type of scheme to get you a book somehow, someway, and as soon as possible.
I’ll be bringing a new look, including a logo, to promote my Minnesota Main Street Women trilogy, my past writing, and my future.
As soon as I know the date of delivery of “Where Two Rivers Meet,” I’ll also set up a book launch date.
I want to thank all of you. The book has been long in coming, and that I’m sorry about. But through your encouragement, and you know who you are, thoughts, and prayers, I recovered from a series of sicknesses that almost took me out completely. Miracles do exist. I came back to the book and new direction I was taking with it. Thank you. I hope to see you soon.
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