Millstream Market Mondays

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Come find Cindy Stupnik at the Mill Stream Art Festival in St. Joseph,MN. She is here till 9. If you can’t make it, check her out at … Looking forward to book #3 in her Main Street Women series:”Where Two Rivers Meet.” If she ever stays home long enough to finish it.

It was fun, it was BUSY, it was LOUD I was there last night until 9.  I did well, met new people, sold lots, even more, sold lots of books on my webpage.  Thank you, sister Becky, for the help, posting, and taking pictures.  Oh, and did I tell you it was basically a weather-wonder weeknight?  I arrived at 3:45 and it was about 80 and then a breeze with cool air was almost constant.

So many people packed in this alley, so much talking, laughter, singing, music, and dancing.  It was wonderful! But I have to admit, it was and is difficult.

FYI: I am hard of hearing– totally deaf in my right ear–have been for as long as I can remember.  I am so happy Becky stuck around to translate for me.  Everyone was patient; THANK YOU!  But this is a situation that can be a blessing and while not a curse, a hindrance.  Like my sister always says, and I paraphrase: She’s deaf, but she can hear things she is not supposed to hear.

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I have a busy month ahead:

August 14: Sartell 10-3, at the Berneck’s/Scheels parking lot.

August 21: Buffalo 10-4, Buffalo, Minnesota–Chamber of Commerce Arts and Crafts

September 11-12: Old Creamery, Rice, MN, arts and crafts.


Hope to see you soon.