Glorious day

Rebecca Frank is with Cindy Stupnik. (From FACEBOOK)

FROM BECKY:  Favorites 3h 
Yesterday Cindy Stupnik was all ready for the Buffalo, MN Art Fair and her forgetful sister forgot to post this after taking the picture.. So be prepared, in just 2 weeks she is at the Rice Art Fair. Don’t wait for me to remind you! Until then check out You can always find her there.

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Thank you, Buffalo, for such a great opportunity to visit with interested and interesting non-fiction and fiction readers.  I had a glorious time (although it spitted rain, I had to hold on to my umbrella pole because of the wind, it was chilly, it was warm, and I got stung by a bee).

Why am I frowning?  Not because of my future audience, but the hour.  I woke at 5:15.  By the time, Becky drove me to Buffalo and helped me set up, it was 8 in the morning– me–who doesn’t crawl out of bed before 8:30-9!!

To this crowd and all others: I am sorry if I  sometimes get too animated when I am talking about the history of my former community, Clearwater, Minnesota. It is the teacher in me (taught English for 25 years, was raised with HISTORY/HERSTORY–from both parents.  Dad had great pride in his home state of South Dakota, specifically, north of Yankton and German-Russian.  Mother had an interest in all things Minnesota, her deep American roots as well as her European roots.)

My writing has been inspired by what my parents inspired in me.  One of my favorite subjects is women and their everlasting plight to be heard, believed in, and respected.  The struggle the average woman has had to face throughout her lifetime needs continual documentation because men didn’t do everything.

In all my research, I have found my small community, Clearwater, Minnesota, to be a microcosm of all that was good and awful in the world for women at any given time.  Some are natural-born leaders and respected by all.  Jennie Phillips, my protagonist in Scruples and Drams, was a leader in her community. From her views on the patent medicine products she sold in her store, to some of the other over-the-counter health products, how she feels about a high school joining the elementary and upper grades to the existing school building, etc, villagers, both men and women, newspaper reporters, asked her advice on important matters of the day.

The oldest girl in the family, smart, teacher-turned pharmacist, business co-and then full-owner of Phillips’ Drug Store, Jennie may have been successful and respected, but she faced disappointments as well. One was that her brother’s name legally had to be included on the Phillips; Drug Store sign in 1910  because she was a woman and wasn’t smart or trustworthy enough to handle business matters. Only men held those honors or responsibilities. It wasn’t Jennie’s first disappointment as a woman trying to pursue a career in a man’s world, though….

See what I mean?  I get so excited and tangled up in my subject, I forget to shut up.  I will stop and let you read my books. My next event is in Rice, Minnesota. Sept. 11-12. Saturday 8 a.m. to 6. pm and Sunday 9-4.



I won’t be singing “Rain, Rain, go away,” anytime soon.  We registered 1.20 or so in the last 24 hours.  Wonderful relief and some greening taking place.  Hoping for more very soon.




In addition, I am honored to have Crossings, a Stearns History Museum journal, publish one of my short stories from Postcards from The Old Man and Other Correspondence from Clearwater, Minnesota.  This article is about the years the Frank family lived on Warner/Abeln Lake.  If you are a member, you have probably seen the article already. If you purchased Postcards, you basically have the same story, but if you don’t have either, you can probably go there and pick up a free copy.

This small lake is my home away from home at times and a place where I go to relive memories and get new ideas.

So far, my August-September events have been wonderful.  My next show, where you can come to visit and buy or walk around and see what others are selling.

Future events:

Sartell this weekend, Oct.14 from 10-3 at the Scheels/Bernecks  1109 1st St S, Sartell, MN.stearn

Buffalo, MN Chamber’s Art & Craft Festival – Aug 21, 2021 9-3:30

Old Creamery Arts and Crafts, Rice, MN, September 11-12, 8-6, 9-4,    405 Main St E Rice, MN

Millstream Market Mondays

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Come find Cindy Stupnik at the Mill Stream Art Festival in St. Joseph,MN. She is here till 9. If you can’t make it, check her out at … Looking forward to book #3 in her Main Street Women series:”Where Two Rivers Meet.” If she ever stays home long enough to finish it.

It was fun, it was BUSY, it was LOUD I was there last night until 9.  I did well, met new people, sold lots, even more, sold lots of books on my webpage.  Thank you, sister Becky, for the help, posting, and taking pictures.  Oh, and did I tell you it was basically a weather-wonder weeknight?  I arrived at 3:45 and it was about 80 and then a breeze with cool air was almost constant.

So many people packed in this alley, so much talking, laughter, singing, music, and dancing.  It was wonderful! But I have to admit, it was and is difficult.

FYI: I am hard of hearing– totally deaf in my right ear–have been for as long as I can remember.  I am so happy Becky stuck around to translate for me.  Everyone was patient; THANK YOU!  But this is a situation that can be a blessing and while not a curse, a hindrance.  Like my sister always says, and I paraphrase: She’s deaf, but she can hear things she is not supposed to hear.

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I have a busy month ahead:

August 14: Sartell 10-3, at the Berneck’s/Scheels parking lot.

August 21: Buffalo 10-4, Buffalo, Minnesota–Chamber of Commerce Arts and Crafts

September 11-12: Old Creamery, Rice, MN, arts and crafts.


Hope to see you soon.