Fur, feather, flowers, fun, and other falderal

BOOKS arrived–what a joy to hold in my hand the symbol of all my hard work–researching, writing, editing, editing, more editing, and many, manty rewrites.  Thank you to all my friends and relatives for your input.

I’ve had a few calls and questions about what to wear.  Feel free to wear hats and costume that represent the 1909-10, Edwardian era.  Hats are shoulder width, but here is a link to see other styles


Remember! Costumes and hats are optional.  Feel free if you want to represent the era.  Maude Porter,  the novel’s protagonist, and Clearwater’s leading citizen would be overjoyed that we were honoring her. We will have a short style show.

Check list:

  1. Hats are nearly finished and hanging around the house. Here is another sample. Granddaughters are coming to create theirs this weekend–with Grandma’s help.
  2. Invitations and posters sent and placed.  (Feel free to give me some clues to place or send a few more).
  3. Food and cake ordered.
  4. Sister Becky has prepared a story line of pictures–they are adorable.Doesn’t this entice you to want to read the latest novel in the Minnesota Main Street Women series?
  5. “” and others have items of historic ephemera for display.
  6. A few more Sundries to make–special requests?? I have Jennie’s rose cream, bath salts, facial scrub, and body cream to blend up yet–
  7. Cleaning up MY messes next week so company has a clean place to sit around the house–also trying to organize so I can take a couple loads down to the church Friday, the 12th.
  8. Gifts bags for door prizes are getting pulled together…surprise, surprise, surprise. 
  9. Son Todd is practicing songs for the 12:30 time for meet, greet, eat.  We hope to start on time at 1.  I hope to cut the cake at 2:00 so stay for a slice!

What am I forgetting?

See you next week.