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Hello and happy May.  I am taking a couple weeks off to have knee replacement surgery.  But we made our first YOUTUBE production.  It is outdoors and sometimes hard for you to hear me.  I’ve included a transcript of what I am saying.

In May, 1893, a young Irish girl, Alice Leonard, was murdered.  The inquest showed that she had been “violated” and bludgeoned to death near the Tamarack Swamp in Lynden Township, Irish Town, Stearns County, Minnesota.  Some people who lived near the swamp  heard a child crying and believed it was the ghost of Alice Leonard.

Jennie Phillips, an apprenticing druggist in Clearwater, Minnesota, is delivering a prescription in Lynden Township.  She stops to pick some wild flowers and soon hears a menacing cry. It frightens her.  She soon learns that others believe she has heard the sobbing cries of Alice’s ghost.

My sister and I went out to video-tape me at the Tamarack Swamp. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing and nature was singing, so you can’t hear much of what I am saying. This is the area a group of people found Alice on an early Sunday evening in 1893.  She was a pretty girl, but small for her near sixteen years.  What a carriage driver thought was some clothes on the road was the bruised and bloody body of the girl covered with a blanket.

Read more in “Scruples and Drams,” the first novel in the Minnesota Main Street Women series.

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