Shuffling off to Buffalo, an important review, and other important information

Do you know this song?

“You’ll go home and get your purses,
I’ll go get my niece and nurses,
And away we’ll go.
Mm mm mm…
Off we’re gonna shuffle,
Shuffle off to Buffalo.”

Tomorrow, I head to Buffalo, MN for the annual arts & crafts show. I’ll have my books and announcement of my upcoming book, Pins & Needles. One reviewer, Sally Roesch Wagner, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, Inc.
Adjunct Faculty, The University Honors Program, Syracuse University
Adjunct Faculty, St. John Fisher Executive Leadership Program
Public Scholar, Humanities New York,
wrote this about my sequel to Scruples & Drams:

In this historic novel set in 1909 Maude Porter and Jennie Phillips balance their careers with fighting for women’s basic rights – some openly, others behind the scenes. These old friends, who we met in Cindy Stupnik’s earlier Scruples & Drams, continue to face fearsome adversaries with growing courage and conviction. Along the way, we meet the historic characters who populate the village of Clearwater, Minnesota and get a flavor of early white settlement and its challenges. Stupnik has a gift for drawing us into the time and place, and this book hits the mark.

In addition, if you pre-order Pins & Needles, you will receive a 30% discount when I launch the book in October.

See you tomorrow,