Heat & Drought

What a swelter we are experiencing.  While some in Europe, Ohio, Valley and the southern U.S. are being flooded, up here in Minnesota, hot and dry, dry, dry. And we can’t forget the fires and smoke. But I don’t have to tell any of you that.  From Ely to Albert Lee, we are in one form or another of drought.  I found the diagram below from the online EPA helpful:

EPA diagram

While some of us have experienced severe drought before, like from the Dirty Thirties, many of us heard about it from those who lived through it during the Great Depression. National Geographic states the following as well:

There is still a lot of debate about the connection between drought and global warming, the current period of climate change. A 2013 NASA study predicts warmer worldwide temperatures will mean increased rainfall in some parts of the world and decreased rainfall in others, leading to both more flooding and more droughts worldwide. Other scientists question the prediction that there will be more droughts and believe global warming will create a wetter climate around the world.

Yet we wait and pray for rain, enough to grow on.  Some of the fields are past their opportunity for growth, but necessary rain will fill our lakes, rivers, and groundwaters, which are in great need as well.

I have to admit I am waiting inside in the a/c as much as possible.  For me, I’ve had another type of drought.  Plagued by a lack of imagination and clear thought, I suffered for a couple of months.  I could not move on in my book, nor could I cough up a poem.  Writer’s block happens in one form or another to many authors.  I covered up my remorse by trying out another form of creativity–attempting to take my already written poetry and designing them into cards.  My struggles during this dry spell seem nothing now compared to my lack of skill in cutting and stamping straight.  I’ve truly enjoyed my work when it turns out okay but this is not a natural skill for sure.  I keep working at it, and spending lots on stamps, dies, embossing pads, inks, pens, you name it.  With so much invested, I keep trying.  And so the story ends, that I have been experiencing more rain and my dry spell seems to be handling my drought.  Now the problem is I don’t have enough time for both endeavors and the moral is  When it rains, it pours.  Not in a bad way though. 

The next few weeks are busy for me.  I am hoping for cooler weather…rain to come at appropriate times for all of these events are OUTSIDE:

August 2nd St Joseph, MN 5-9 pm for Monday Night at the Millstream Market.

August 14th, Sartell, Berneck’s Auditorium on Pine Cone, 10-3:30.

August  21st, Buffalo Arts and Crafts, Buffalo, Wright County.  10-4

September 11-12, Rice Arts and Crafts–by the Old Creamery, Rice, Minnesota.  10-4 both days

More to come. I hope to see you all soon.