Thirty days hath September. . .

August was so nice and fall-like; I wasn’t surprised when September brought a heat wave, and it did last weekend.  I don’t like pushing the seasons, but last weekend was pretty nasty as I sat out in the elements–wind, humidity, and sun.  I can’t believe that I hardly burned all summer even on my son’s pontoon. Then my last book event in September gave me a whipper-snapper of a blaze on my neck and arms as I sat greeting, meeting, and selling books at Millstream in St. Joe.  I heard my grandchildren came in from outdoors and  asked their dad when fall was coming.  They like the rest of us who live in the Midwest expect our changing seasons.

Now, we have it–for now–cooler temps and rain.  Yet, it is strange not to have more colorful trees.  Not all maples have turned yet. Even though the woodlands aren’t at peak, they give a tinge of what is to come–crunching leaves, cooler temps, cuddly sweaters, meatloaf and baked potatoes (in the oven as I write), apple pie, and …sorry–ice roads.  But wait–we have time before I have to put away capris and my good friend Carol has to put her sandals to bed and hide her beautiful toenails in real shoes.

In the meantime, I have a number of events to announce:

This next weekend, Oct. 6-7, I will be in Mankato for the Deep Valley Book Festival.  Friday night I will be hobnobbing, or as my friend says “hobsnobbing,” with other authors at their Authors and Appetizers Gala event.  Now what to wear with a ugly beige boot that protects my weak ankle?  I still want to keep that, “I’m just Cindy look,”  pretend I am not that blind, deaf, gimpy girl, someone I know and love calls me, and still put on an air of dignity.  The next day, I will be selling books in the Mankato Civic Center and reading from Scruples sometime after 4.  Don’t miss me; I’m the last reading.

In October I will be preparing for a few indoor events–arts and crafts.  I’ve had a few people ask me when I’d made more of Jennie’s Pure & Simple products–like Jennie’s wild rose facial cream.  I will be as soon as I get back from Mankato.  If you need to order now is the time because I’d like to know how much to make.  My sister is making up soap so if there is something special send us word as soon as possible.

I’m still writing the essay about the first ordained female Methodist minister in Minnesota.  Not so slow, but I’m still finding information about her.  Anyway, this is just an update on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully, I’ll be finished with that soon.

November brings an arts and crafts festival in Monticello and the last weekend before Thanksgiving takes me to another arts and crafts in Long Prairie.  All of my products and books would be great Christmas gifts so hope to see you soon.