They were the darling hits of the “Pins & Needles” book launch

The clouds opened, and the day started with bright sunshine, illuminating golden oak and red and orange maple.   When we entered the Friendship Hall of the United Methodist Church in Clearwater, Minnesota, the kitchen workers were already there, mixing up chicken salad and cheese and bagel dips.   My sister, friend, and I put final touches on the tables we had decorated the day before.  This included hats, hats, hats.  Soon part of our family arrived, and the granddaughters started to practice their modeling opportunities.  My daughter-in-law and sister took some pretty awesome pictures of the afternoon.  The program went well, the granddaughters, and Grandpa, seemed to get into the act. I saw friends I hadn’t seen for quite awhile.  Food, friends, family, and fellowship–what more could I ever ask for?  Oh, yes, I signed many books, hugged, laughed, and loved.

And the “short style show”–

Pins & Needles, A Novel of Minnesota’s Main Street Women, will be available on soon.  Otherwise, you can buy from me for $25.00 plus tax and s/h.  You can purchase any of my books from me at

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