Finding the path

May be an image of text that says 'Your journey is not the same as mine, and my journey is not yours, but if we meet on a certain path may we encourage each other. UNKNOWN THESIMPLICITY HABIT'This post is absolute TRUTH. God blessed me with a few talents, maybe writing is my strongest suit. I love to write poetry and have won a few awards. I have written both creative fiction and non-fiction, and have published and won a few awards as well. But when it comes to real crafting, drawing, sewing, or any other handwork, I’d say I deserve nilche, zero, nothing, even F. I told my husband when we were first married that if he lost a button on a coat or jacket, buy new. While this isn’t as true as it sounds, I have to admit when I was a freshman in high school (is this supposed to be freshperson now?), I earned a D on a blouse I sewed for putting in the sleeve in the wrong direction.). I think I have improved a bit, but not really proving it anymore.
I have recently (like two years ago) taken up a bit of crafting with my own card designs with special sayings or my own poetry. Most or many go back to the earth the tree grew from in the first place.
I’ve copied or posted some of my son, Todd Stupnik’s, artwork. He is amazing. Early in his career, like aged 2 or 3, he showed promise in his field with airplanes and Star War figures. Our other son, Matthew, has equal talent, but uses his talents in woodworking and redesigning his house. Lovely work. My husband who has all sorts of knowledge uses his hands to build, plumb, and electrify what needs to be done. My sister can craft with the best of everyone. She sees color and organization as a delight to re-create. My friends sew, quilt, knit, etc. and these gifts are beyond my realm of thinking.
So if we meet on our trail for developing new thoughts, or ideas to be recreated, let’s greet each other as sisters and brothers. For all of God’s gifts are good and perfect (Dr. Henry Morris). “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17).

Giants in the Earth

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

Biblical, literary, and literal, my blog looks at the variety of usages of  Giants in the Earth.  While the scripture reference sounds supernatural and mythical, Rolvaag’s use of the Biblical verse emphasizes his protagonists’ metaphorical struggles, and both sources bring light to the historic observations of real giants and their grave sites around the world.

 Minnesota site for GIANTS IN THE EARTH


I loved O. E Rolvaag’s book, Giants in the Earth, and had to read it a number of times, in high school, and undergraduate classes for English, and I used it as one source for my master’s thesis.  The title gives key evidence to these Biblical-size struggles the immigrants faced daily. The Norwegian pioneers were like my German-Russian settlers in Dakota Territory.  They started with little, lost loved ones who could not stand up to the sacrifices of settling in a wild, nearly untameable country.  Men wanted adventure and the ability to conquer.  Women wanted settlement and familiarity with what they left behind in their Old Countries.  Beret, in Rolvaag’s novel, embodies the weak female.  His “she” is like many other delicate women who would have a hard time dealing with the giants they know in their homeland much less the unknown ones on the virgin Great Plains: lack of trees and places to hide behind to protect themselves, blinding blizzards, grasshopper plagues, drought, floods, which curse them in an unknown land. 

Giants in the Earth:  Many newspapers in the 1860s  up to the early 1900s reported articles like: “In Clearwater, Minnesota, the skeletons of seven giants were found in mounds. These had receding foreheads and complete double dentition.” Around the United States, some proved to be hoaxes.  Some were never explained, silenced, scooped out, and sent to the ends of the earth, never to be discussed again.

(Last year I reported some of this): “In the “Pioneer Press” of June 29, 1888, is an account of the discovery, twelve miles from Clearwater, N. E. 1/4, sec. 21, T. 121-27, by Charles W. Pinkerton, of the town of Corinna, of the remains of seven persons, said to have been from seven to eight feet high.” Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, History of Wright County, Minnesota, 1888. See the source image

The chapter heading in the History of Wright County by Franklyn Curtiss -Wedge (1915) entitled, “Nature’s  Paradise — The  Coming of  Man — The  Eskimo — The Mound  Builders — Purpose of the  Mounds — Life and  Habits of the  Mound  Builders — Location of the  Mounds — Excavations and  Discoveries — Relics,”  delineates the history of the first humans to set foot in what would become the United States and sets the background for Minnesota’s own burial mounds and even sets of giants (History of Wright County, Minnesota: Curtiss-Wedge, Franklyn. cn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive).  I copied and pasted some of the articles, but they didn’t transfer well due to the age of the original manuscript, but you can read them here if you wish: giants from curtiss-wedge.

reference for the picture:

This video on youtube: http://America Unearthed: GIANT BONES UNCOVERED (S1, E4) | Full Episode | History – YouTube mentions Clearwater, Minnesota, slightly.  These videos are set further west, closer to Fergus Falls. and Morehead, MN.  The producers also get involved in the area’s Norse Rune Stone, considering some of the legends that giants lived in the area.

This site, Smithsonian Coverup, has a number of videos.  The spokesperson, Hugh Newman, states that when he goes around the world talking about his findings, he is asked, “So where are the bones?” He and others have followed leads to museums all over the world, but few if any are found.

  1. Newman explains and compares all the giants that have been found around the world here:
  2. This site shows Newman going to the Smithsonian to dig up the answers

So the search for giants goes on just like the searches for Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and UFOs.  I have no idea if the truth is covered up or if these stories are hoaxes.  I think I’d like to see and judge for myself though.

But in the meantime, I’ll give you a hint to why I want all of us to know about it: I have a new plot development with my protagonist becoming involved with the native giants close to Clearwater, Clearwater Lake, and Corrina Township.  Even I don’t know where my brain’s wavelength will take me tomorrow as I start writing again.